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SmartHealth is the medical plan for Ascension associates and eligible dependents. We help our members navigate their healthcare needs with ease and achieve positive health outcomes.

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October 2020 Member Newsletter

Top 5 Helpful Tips on How to Motivate Your Family to Be Healthier Together

Sometimes all it takes to be healthier is to have a great support system to lean on. Family members can work together to hold each other accountable for their unhealthy living habits.

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SmartHealth Well-being Program: Care for Yourself in 2021

Whether you're on the front lines or in a support role, you are important to our mission—providing personalized care that improves the health and well-being of our communities. For this important work, it's vital that you begin by caring for yourself. That's why Ascension continues to offer the SmartHealth Well-being Program for associates.

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Guide on How to Use the Ascension Network (Tier 1) and the Benefits That Come With It

Want to make the most of your benefits? Then, you should learn how tier coverage works. Learning about tier coverage will help you determine the cost of care. This is your go-to guide on what a tier is, how to use tier 1 coverage and the benefits that come with it

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Introducing a New Medicare Advantage Product – Ascension Complete!

Introducing a New Medicare Advantage Product – Ascension Complete! Ascension Complete is the only Medicare Advantage (MA) plan shaped by doctors who work with Ascension.

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4 Ways to Be Prepared This Flu Season

You can stay healthy this flu season by being prepared. Working hard to stay healthy is more important than ever, and your doctor is here to help you. Schedule an appointment and get your flu shot. On a global scale, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people around the world per year. That’s why it's extremely important to get your flu shot.

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Learn About Your Medical Plan Options and Pharmacy Coverage for 2021

The SmartHealth PPO Copay Plan is a new plan for 2021. It's different from the PPO plans Ascension has previously offered. Our other plan is the SmartHealth HDHP 3000/0. This high deductible health plan typically offers you the lowest premiums per pay period in exchange for a higher deductible.

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IMPORTANT: Medical and Pharmacy ID Card Access

Medical and pharmacy ID cards may not arrive until after January 1, 2021. Access your ID cards digitally with the ABS member portal and app.