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SmartHealth is the medical plan for Ascension associates and eligible dependents. We help our members navigate their healthcare needs with ease and achieve positive health outcomes.

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June 2020 Member Newsletter

5 Fun & Healthy Ways to Get the Kids Moving This Summer

The kids are out of school, which means you're probably trying to find activities for them to do. One of the best things you can do is incorporate physical fitness into their daily routine. Don't let the kids sit on the couch all summer long. Get them moving in order to help them stay healthy!

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Add These Healthy Food Alternatives to Your Summer Routine

Now that summer is here, it's a great time to focus on eating healthier! There are lots of healthy food alternatives you can choose to make a difference in your summer routine.

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Do You Know the Signs of Heart Attack or Stroke?

A heart attack or a stroke can be a frightening experience. Tens of thousands of people survive heart attacks and go on to lead productive enjoyable lives. The key is knowing the warning signs and symptoms of both in order to save yourself or a loved one.

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Top Summer Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Summer safety is an important priority, especially when more and more people suffer from heat overexposure each year. One of the ways you can stay safe this summer is by staying hydrated and protecting yourself from the sun. Here are some other summer safety tips everyone should know.

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IMPORTANT: Medical and Pharmacy ID Card Access

Medical and pharmacy ID cards may not arrive until after January 1, 2021. Access your ID cards digitally with the ABS member portal and app.